About Us

Our staff is dedicated to your safety!

Our professional trainers are committed to your safety and gun education. They will teach you many important skills you will use the rest of your life. You will leave the training with the confidence you need to protect yourself and your family. Their expert training will show you exactly what to do in a volatile situation.

Our Gunsmithing staff is top of the line.

When you bring your firearm into Firepower Depot you can rest assured it is in good hands. You will get your gun back in better condition than when you brought it in.

With our experienced staff why would you want to go anywhere else?

What can you learn:
  • What we offer:
  • Learn from Professionals
  • Get Individual Help
  • Individuals Care for Your Safety
  • Firearm Training
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Gunsmiths on Staff
  • Teach you Tactical Skills
  • Teach you Survival Skills
  • Improve your Gun Skills
  • Practice Real time Situations
Get the best out of us!

From the front desk to those of us out there in the field with you we are dedicated to make sure you have the best experience while you are with us and get the best training possible.

Come in for our firearm training and learn priceless lessons in survival and marksmanship from our amazing staff of trainers and professionals.

The staff will guide you in real time practice drills that will help you be prepared for situations that could happen.

Call us to speak to a helpful staff member who can set up your training 714.381.7851