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When you train with us, you will learn more advanced survival skills like shooting on the move, and shooting in poor light. You will improve your aim and your concealment pull time. Overall you will become much better at handling and shooting your firearm.

Our firearm training will prepare armed professionals, civilians, and law enforcement officers alike how to handle firearms and advance in shooting skills.  

Learn to be safe and shoot better!

Learn to survive and become more comfortable with a gun.

- Learn in a challenging environment

- Learn to deal with real world situations

- Enhance your survival skills

- Learn tactical concepts

- Be prepared for anything

- Shoot in tighter groups

- Improve your hits

- Shoot fast and accurate

- Practice real life dangerous situations

What we can teach you:

In addition to teaching you shooting skills, we will also go over being safe with your gun, sight-in procedures, the fundamentals of shooting, and shooting from cover.


You will cover many other topics in your training that will be important to knowing how to survive in intense situations.

You can count on us.

A man using a gun on training A woman holding a rifle for training

You will progress from basic handling of your gun to marksmanship skills, and fully learn how to handle the gun with shooting drills.

Call us today to improve your survival skills and feel safe!