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Our talented gunsmiths will repair firearms that need a little attention, and refurbish metal and wood. They can diagnose any malfunctions that might cause the firearm to malfunction and make sure that it is safe for you to continue using.

Gunsmithing is just as important at Fire Power Depot as learning to properly hold a firearm and use it is. We offer the services needed to make sure your firearms are safe and in top shape so they will be ready when you need them.

Professional gunsmithing services.

We promise to give you quality affordable repairs!

- Ensure Firearm is Safe

- Fix Bore Obstructions

- Fix Cracks and Worn Sear Edges

- Clean and Inspect the Firearm

- Refinish Firearm

- Replace Worn Barrels

- Change the Caliber of the Barrel

- Build Rifles

- Deepen and Clean Damaged Engravings and Markings

- Repair Dented Shotgun Barrels

- Lubricate When Necessary

- Train you on Gun Safety

Gunsmithing services:

In addition to repairing your firearms the gunsmiths will also make sure they are being maintained properly. This includes inspecting, cleaning, lubricating, and fixing minor problems.


If you come to us to get your firearms cleaned or repaired you should take advantage of our firearm training to become more accurate with your gun and learn needed survival skills.

Keep your firearm in top shape.

A pistol and ammo on top of a table Rifles on display

We employ the best gunsmiths in the area to ensure you top notch repairs on your firearms and quality service on their maintenance.

Call us now for all your gunsmithing and modification needs.